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Child Eye Exams in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo Areas

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It's hard to recall or even imagine what it's like to see the world as a small child. This period of life is a formative one for the eyes and vision, and any impediments to normal development can cause serious problems, both in childhood and later in life. You can ensure that our eye doctors in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo areas will take great care of your little one's eyesight, ensuring them the best possible start through the eye exam services available at Advanced Eyecare Center.

The Developing Eye and Its Challenges

The first few months of an infant's life are relatively blurry, indistinct ones from his point of view. That's because the vision center of the brain must learn how to process the images it receives, which in turn means that the eyes must develop the necessary skills to work together properly. Along the way, however, complications can occur. Different refractive errors in each eye, for instance, may compel the brain to reject the blurrier image in favor of the clearer one, a condition called amblyopia that interferes with depth perception. Other problems may include accommodation errors, focus problems, and strabismus (asymmetrical eye alignment). These obstacles can cause your child's vision to develop imperfectly, leading to physical coordination problems or academic challenges that might even be misidentified as learning disabilities.

When Should You Schedule a Kid Eye Exam?

You may be wondering what a sensible children's eye exam schedule looks like. The American Optometric Association recommends that the first exam take place at 6 months of age, after the eyes and brain have learned how to work together. We will check the eyes themselves for any signs of tumors, pediatric cataracts, or other health conditions that need to be treated. Our Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach optometrists can also test basic eye functions such as tracking, teaming and visual processing. The next exam should take place at age 3. We will continue to check basic eye health and function essentials, but we can also have your child take a simple vision test and tell us what he sees. The third pediatric eye exam, which occurs when your child is ready to enter school, focuses even more intently on vision testing and correction of any refractive errors we may find.

You'll want to continue scheduling pediatric eye exams for your child throughout the school years. We recommend annual exams for any kids who require corrective lenses or are undergoing other kinds of treatment. Kids with healthy eyes should receive eye exams every two years at a minimum. The more closely we monitor your child's ocular well-being, the more effectively we can administer any necessary care.

Schedule Your Child's Next  Pediatric Eye Exam at Advanced Eyecare Center

Give your child an incomparably valuable gift -- the gift of optimal eyesight. Schedule that next pediatric eye exam right here at Advanced Eyecare Center by calling either of our optometry offices today!