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Comprehensive Eye and Vision Exams at Advanced Eyecare Center in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach

female patient getting comprehensive eye exam

Vision is one of those great gifts that we rely on for so many aspects of our daily lives, from seeing the faces of loved ones to reading, writing, working and enjoying our favorite recreational activities. If you're like most people, you want to make sure you continue to see as clearly as possible for life -- but to achieve that goal, you must get your eyes and vision checked regularly and thoroughly. That's why you'll want to schedule comprehensive eye and vision exams for your entire family here at Advanced Eyecare Center in Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach, CA, serving Torrance, El Segundo and surrounding areas.

How Comprehensive Eye Exams Could Save Your Sight

The American Optometric Association urges individuals to get comprehensive eye exams on a regular schedule. Following the three major exams all young children should receive, older kids and adults with healthy eyes should have at least one exam every other year, or every year if they're dealing with an eye or vision issue. Seniors over 60 should routinely schedule an annual eye exam. What's the urgency, you may wonder, especially if you're seeing just fine? The disturbing truth is that many eye diseases progress slowly and invisibly for many years, destroying the eye structures without your knowing it. By the time you notice permanent vision loss, there's no reversing it. Regular eye exams help us spot these problems when they're just getting underway, before they can rob you of your eyesight.

Components of a Comprehensive Eye and Vision Exam

The major components of a comprehensive eye and vision exam include visual acuity testing, eye function testing and eye health testing. Before we even get started, we will talk to you about your medical history and ask about any vision issues that may be bothering you. We can test vision using a standard Snellen eye cart (or a symbols-only eye chart for pre-school patients). If you have trouble reading certain lines, we can determine whether your vision needs correcting at particular distances. This enables us to try different lens combinations until we arrive at your perfect corrective prescription.

Proper eye function is critical for clear vision. By evaluating how your eyes respond to different displays and instructions, we can see how well they are teaming, tracking, processing visual data, and working with the brain to produce binocular (3D) vision. The eye health portion of the exam is best performed under pupil dilation. This allows us to get a good, panoramic view of the eye's interior so we can diagnose problems such as macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy. Eye pressure testing can put us on the alert to potential glaucoma. The earlier we detect such conditions, the sooner we can treat them.

Need an Eye Exam in El Segundo, Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach CA?

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