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Acuvue Define Contact Lenses from Advanced Eyecare Center of Manhattan Beach

Advanced EyeCare Center of Manhattan Beach is offering Acuvue Define Contact Lenses. Acuve Define Contact Lenses enhance you natural beauty and blend seamlessly with your eyes’ color and patterns. These popular lenses are now available from our optometrist serving Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. Like all Acuvue lenses, these feature superior vision correction for individuals with near- and farsighted prescriptions, UV protection, and HYDRACLEAR and LACREON technology for all-day comfort and moisture.

Enhance Your Natural Appearance and Correct Vision with Acuvue Define Contact Lenses

Acuvue Define Contact Lenses are available in three different looks: the “Natural Shimmer” option highlights and sharpens your eyes; the “Natural Sparkle” option brightens your eyes to appear more expressive; and the “Natural Shine” option enlarges your eyes with increase contrast so your eyes appear more striking. These daily disposable lenses are available in convenient 30- and 90-day packs.

Depending on your eye color, Acuvue Define Contact Lenses will enhance your natural color and appearance differently. The “Natural Sparkle” lenses are best for individuals with light eyes; these lenses deliver brightening effects with highlight and contrast. On medium eyes, the lenses deliver soft highlights for added dimension; on dark eyes, they deliver light contrast for subtle brightening. Our optometrist recommends Acuvue’s “Natural Shimmer” lenses for individuals with medium eyes; the lenses create a balance of highlights and sharpness for a look with added depth. On light eyes, these lenses bring high-impact sharpness and highlights; on dark eyes, subtle highlights and contrast. If you have dark eyes, you may be a great candidate for Acuvue’s “Natural Shine” lenses; these lenses add depth to your eyes with enlargement and contrast. For light eyes, the lenses are part of a bold look with high-impact contrast and enlargement; this effect is slightly more muted for medium eyes.

Acuvue contacts feature HYDRACLEAR technology for all-day comfort. This patented technology mixes the wetting agent against the contact lens formula, which helps your lenses stay wet, smooth, and silky all day long. Acuvue contact lenses also include LACERON technology, which requires no cleaning. Acuvue lenses with this technology make it one of the easiest lenses to use for the first time; it’s also a great option for individuals who only wear contacts part-time. Acuvue’s proprietary LACERON technology also helps lenses feel moister, longer, so you are less likely to suffer from dry eyes or discomfort while wearing these lenses. Acuvue includes UV protection in every lens it produces, including its Acuvue Define Contact Lens line.

Our optometrist serving Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach recommends Acuvue contact lenses for all-day comfort and clarity. If you are interested in a way to enhance your natural appearance, then Acuvue Define Contact Lenses may be the right choice for your vision needs. We recommend scheduling an informational appointment with our eye doctor at either our Manhattan Beach or El Segundo locations.

To learn more about Acuvue contact lens options, contact our eye doctor today at 310-321-6990 (Manhattan) or 310-373-3191 (Redondo).