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Foreign Object Removal By Our Optometrists in Redondo Beach and Manhattan BEach

A foreign object in your eye is any object that does not belong there. It could be a particle of dust or a metal shard. As long as the object is in your eye, it can impair your vision and affect the cornea or the conjunctiva. Foreign objects can also scratch the cornea. In some cases, these scratches are minor. However, some foreign objects may also cause injuries and seriously damage your vision. Removing a foreign object is a tricky process and not as simple as letting a stray eyelash naturally make its way out. In fact, incorrect foreign object removal could actually result in more serious damage to the eye. For this reason, our eye doctors serving Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach recommend having the foreign body properly removed by an experienced eye doctor.

Our Eye Doctors Can Safely Remove Foreign Bodies or Objects From Eye

Foreign objects typically affect the cornea or the conjunctiva. The cornea is a clear dome that covers the front surface of the eye. The cornea also helps focus light on the retina in the back of the eye. The conjunctiva is a thin mucous membrane covering the sclera, the white part of the eye. The conjunctiva runs to the edge of the cornea and also covers the moist area under the eyelids. If you have a foreign object in your eye, you are likely to experience immediate symptoms of discomfort and pressure in the eye. In addition to experiencing a sensation that something is in your eye, you may also experience extreme tearing, pain when you look at a bright light, excessive blinking, and redness.

In rare cases, a foreign object may penetrate the eye. This penetration typically occurs as the result of an intense, high-speed impact like an explosion. In most cases, however, individuals only have a foreign object in the cornea or conjunctiva. These objects may be sawdust, dirt, dried mucous, glass shards or metal particles. Dirt and sand frequently enter as the result of blowing wind or falling debris. A sharp material like metal or glass may enter the eye following an explosion or accident. The faster the object is moving, the greater the risk it may enter your eye.

If you have a foreign body or object in your eye, prompt, professional treatment will relieve your immediate discomfort and prevent vision damage. You should seek immediate professional care from our optometrist serving Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach if the object has sharp or rough edges, prevents you from closing your eye, is causing bleeding, or contains chemicals. If the object does not naturally exit your eye from blinking, contact our eye doctor. Do not rub or put additional pressure on the eye. Attempting to remove the object with tweezers, cotton, or another implement is extremely risky.

Our eye doctors accept urgent care appointments for foreign object removal and treatment. Contact Advanced Eye Care Center of Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach.