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Advanced Eyecare Center of Redondo Beach brings you the Face a Face Eyewear Collection

The History of Face a Face Fine Eyewear

In 1995, Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth created Face à Face Eyewear with the belief that the right shape helps to improve and to harmonize human relationships.

Building on the idea of bringing joy to everyday life, to contribute to personal well-being, and to continually be ahead of current trends, this is the spirit of Face à Face.

This is a beautiful idea that we at Advanced Eyecare Center of Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach follow as well, as we bring you the Face a Face eyeglass collection to the South Bay.

The various collections of eyewear are designed along the themes of modern architecture, contemporary design and international fashion. Face à Face frames merge function with fashion to produce an emotion evoking final product that implores you to express your individuality.

Pascal Jaulent, Président of Face a Face Eyewear - France

As a young man, Pascal’s dream was to become a town planner. Although life took him to the Paris Management School (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris) which in turn led him to as Finance Manager of the Fashion House of Christian Dior Couture at the age of 27.

Four years later, his desire to work for a smaller company took him to Lunettes Lafont Paris where he became General Manager in 1991 and discovered the world of fine eyewear.

Pascal imagined the original concept of the FACE à FACE eyeglasses collection by establishing connections between its two passions, architecture and philosophy.

Just as the architect, whose job is to create more than a technical, functional structure but to always incorporate an aesthetic of the times, FACE à FACE frames would contribute to turn eyewear into a product to inspire, with the use of original construction and vibrant colors, always at the forefront of fashion.

Pascal gives the design team its creative directions, and manages the brand’s design studio.

Pascal is married and father of three daughters.

Nadine Roth, Marketing Director / Research and Development

Nadine has an extensive knowledge of the optical world, through her experiences with French designers Alain Mikli and Lafont.

Her career started with Alain Mikli where she first launched the brand in Germany and then to Europe and Asia. Her taste for adventure brought her to New York, where she managed the subsidiary of Lafont for six years, after which she moved back to France to head international development of Lafont Paris.

Nadine manages the Marketing and Sales development of FACE à FACE.

She opened the American subsidiary and as of this day, manages an international  team of exclusive salespeople, PR and distributors.

Thanks to her experience and energy, the FACE à FACE collection is distributed in more than 50 countries and appears among the most respected brands of fine eyewear in Europe, America and Asia.

Her sense of the product and of fashion trends give a very valuable input to the work of the designers.

Advanced Eyecare Center of Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach are proud to offer Face a Face Fine Eyewear to the South Bay and Southern California. 

The Face a Face Style

Face a Face eyeglasses bring you truly contemporary lines, sensual colors, a refined sense of touch. The natural beauty of the eyes are fully revealed through the clear, graphic design of the frames.

Face a Face eyewear diffuse audacity and glamour with a relaxed elegance, and positive energy. The Face a Face collections reveal the individual personality of their wearer. The glasses become a treasured object that underlines its wearer’s personality and makes them unforgettable.

Indeed, beyond its basic purpose (to give everyone the ability to look at things clearly), a Face a Face frame is a guarantee of efficiency, of pleasure, of luxury, of quality and of course, style.

Hand made in France and Italy using the finest Italian Mazzucchelli Zyl Acetate, Milled Aluminum and Stainless Steel.                                                                                                                             

Advanced Eyecare Center of Redondo Beach is your Authorized Face a Face Eyewear Dealer in the South Bay and your Exclusive Face a Face Retailer in Redondo Beach.

Come by our Redondo Beach office to try on some of these exciting Face a Face glasses for yourself. Located minutes from Torrance, El Segundo, Palos Verdes, and Hermosa Beach.

And watch Jessica's Video Review of Face a Face Glasses Here.