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Use Flex Spending Accounts With Your Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach Eye Doctor

At Advanced Eyecare Center in Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach, we provide comprehensive support for all of your vision and eye care needs. We understand the need for affordability and easy payment solutions. That’s one of the reasons we encourage our patients to use Flex Spending Accounts for their eye doctor appointments and purchases. When you visit our optometrist in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, you’ll learn about all of our payment options.

flex spend accounts with your redondo beach optometrist or manhattan beach optometrist

How Can a Flex Spending Account Help with Eye Care in Manhattan or Redondo Beach?

A Flex Spending Account, or FSA, is a type of account that you place money into that you plan to use for some types of out-of-pocket costs for your healthcare and eye care needs. What makes this type of account different from a traditional savings account is that it does not get taxed in the same way. When you establish this account through an employer, for example, a portion of the funds from your gross income (before taxes) is placed into the account. You choose the amount to save. As long as you use those funds for out-of-pocket health care costs, such as eye care, you do not have to pay taxes on those funds.

Why use this type of account? In short, it allows you to save money on your eye care because you will not have to pay taxes on these funds at the onset. You save the amount equal to what you would have paid in taxes. You can add funds to your Flex Spending Account and your employer can do so as well. There are a few things you should know about these accounts:

  • You can add $2,550 per year per employer to these accounts (or twice this if the account is for both you and your spouse).

  • You can use the funds to pay for deductibles and co-payments if you have eye care insurance.

  • You can use the funds for prescription medications if we recommend them.

  • You can use these accounts for eyeglasses and other eye care needs.

How to Use Your Flex Spending Account

When you visit our eye doctor, you can use the funds in your Flex Spending Account for many of your needs with us. This includes for:

  • Eyeglasses

  • Contact lenses

  • Eye exams

  • Prescription sunglasses

  • Most other eye care we provide

We encourage you to take advantage of the tax savings that these accounts offer. For many of our patients, it is like saving money on the eye care they need anyway.

Contact Advanced Eyecare Center for an Appointment with Our Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach Eye Doctor

Don’t put off the eye care you need. Schedule an eye doctor appointment with Advanced Eyecare Center today. When you visit our optometrist in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, you’ll get the one-on-one care you need. Talk to our team about all of your eye care needs including prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, contact lenses, and annual exams. You can use your Flex Spending Account with us to protect your vision next year!