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The Importance of Scheduling an Eye Exam in Redondo Beach

man about to get an eye exam in rodondo beach, ca

If you have let several years go by since your last eye exam in Redondo Beach, or if you commonly opt for nothing more than basic vision testing, then you could be missing an opportunity to have serious eye conditions diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and abnormalities in the shape of the eye can all affect your vision, and some of the issues will get progressively worse without prompt diagnosis and care. That's why Advanced Eyecare Center recommends that you schedule a comprehensive eye exam at our Redondo Beach office each year. We are happy to provide state-of-the-art examinations using advanced diagnostic techniques to ensure the best possible vision for patients of all ages.

Elements of a Comprehensive Eye Exam in Redondo Beach

When we perform a comprehensive eye exam in our Redondo Beach office, our optometrist will uses various tools and techniques to determine the health of each eye. By passing a bright light over the eye, for instance, we can tell whether you have cataracts. Cataracts involve the thickening of proteins inside the cornea that gradually obscure your vision, causing you to see colors less clearly or view "halos" around car headlights at night. Age-related cataracts are quite common, and if you have cataracts we can monitor their progress from year to year and advise you on treatment options. Macular degeneration is another disease that robs the eye of vision as damage to the macula at the back of eye creates dark spots in the center of your visual field. In many cases this condition is also treatable. By dilating the eye and getting a detailed view of its interior, we can discover macular degeneration in its earlier stages and begin treatment sooner.

Glaucoma is another potential sight-robber than can be discovered more quickly through a comprehensive eye exam. This health problem is characterized by higher-than-normal pressure within the eye. This pressure damaged the optic nerve, creating vision loss. We can use a combination of methods to test for glaucoma. Checking your peripheral and distance vision is one quick way to determine whether glaucoma has contributed to vision loss. Viewing the back of the dilated eye and checking the eye pressure directly can detect the condition even before it begins to harm your vision. This enables us to prescribe the right treatments to reduce the pressure and help you keep the glaucoma under control.

Of course any comprehensive eye exam should include vision testing. At Advanced Eyecare Center we not only provide conventional methods of testing via eye chart reading, but we can also see exactly how light refracts when it hits your cornea and lens. This sophisticated technique, known as wavefront-assisted refraction, maps the refraction patterns to give us an objective understanding of how even tiny aberrations in the eye may be affecting your vision. This enables us to correct your vision with the utmost precision.

If you live in Redondo Beach, South Bay, Palos Verdes, Torrance or the surrounding areas please contact us today at 310-373-3191 to schedule your next visit with our trusted team of optometrists.