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Services Offered by Our Optometrist in Redondo Beach

Young man wearing glasses in Redondo Beach at Advanced Eyecare CenterHere at Advanced Eye Care Center, our optometrist in Redondo Beach is committed to offering the widest possible range of eye services. These include:

Eye exams - A regular eye exam is critical for maintaining your eye health and visual acuity. We can view and photograph the retina of the eye, looking for any signs of disease or injury. We also examine the front of the eye for cataracts. By having you look through an instrument called a phoropter while reading en eye chart, our eye doctor can tell whether you suffer from refractive errors and devise an accurate prescription to correct them.

Contact Lens Exams - Contact lenses are more complicated to create than standard eyeglass lenses because they conform perfectly to the curvature of this eye. If you're getting contacts instead of (or alongside) glasses, we will perform an additional eye exam to measure your eye curvature in detail, including any small deviations associated with refractive errors. 

Treatment of Eye Conditions - If an eye exam alerts us to the presence of an eye disease or disorder, our eye doctor will advise you as to your treatment options. Dry eye syndrome, for instance, may respond to changes in your computer usage habits, sleeping with a ceiling fan, or eye drops to supplement insufficient tear flow. Medications can often slow the progress of irreversible diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Cataract development can be slowed through the use of UV protection, and even advanced cataracts can be replaced with artificial intraocular lenses.

Pediatric Vision Care - Children need to have their eye function and eyesight monitored from the earliest months of life to ensure that eyes and brain will work together sufficiently for optimum visual, physiological and learning development. We can look for common problems such as "lazy eye" (amblyopia) or eye misalignment that may require correction through vision therapy or corrective lenses. Later in childhood, we can evaluate visual acuity and prescribe solutions for refractive errors that might otherwise cause discomfort and educational delays.

Optical Products - If your eye exam indicates that you need corrective lenses, you'll find the optical products you need right here in our Redondo boutique. We offer the most advanced high-definition lens technologies, include wavefront-guided digital lens fabrication for the most accurate results possible. Choose from a variety of fashionable frame  designs from the world's leading designers. As for contact lenses, modern innovations now allow us to provide lenses that correct for astigmatism, presbyopia and other complex refractive errors.

Serving the Torrance, Palos Verdes, Lomita and South Bay Areas

If you're looking for an eye care resource serving the Torrance, Palos Verdes, Lomita and South Bay Areas, Advanced Eye Care Center has the services you seek. Contact our optometrist in Redondo Beach today to learn more about the range of services we use to provide you and your loved ones with optimal eye health and clarity of vision.