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optical coherent tomography offered from your optometrist in redondo beach

Our Manhattan Beach Optometrists Offer Optical Coherent Tomography to Screen for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious and progressive eye disease that cannot be cured. However, measures can be taken to ensure that you are able to be aware of the situation to prevent advances.  Through careful management, thanks to the new vision exam equipment at Advanced Eyecare Center with our optometrists in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, your glaucoma treatment options just expanded.

We Can Detect Glaucoma Early with Optical Coherent Tomography

Our eye doctors are pleased to be able to offer patients the opportunity to discover if are at risk of developing glaucoma or whether their eyes have signs of early development. At Advanced Eyecare Center Manhattan Beach, we now have Zeiss Cirrus HD Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) equipment. This highly specialized machine takes detailed digital retina scans that allow us to get a clear picture behind your eyes to check for swelling and other signs of glaucoma.

The Zeiss Cirrus HD is a non-invasive test and only takes a few seconds to capture the image, which can be viewed immediately. This incredible technology lets you get this valuable test during your vision exam with our optometrists in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach. If we detect and swelling or signs of glaucoma our eye doctors will refer you to an ophthalmologist for glaucoma treatment or other appropriate care.

Why Checking for Glaucoma and Swelling is Important

Glaucoma is often caused by slow moving eye fluid and swollen blood vessels that can be sourced by high blood pressure. It is vital to get glaucoma treatment as soon as possible, which is why we recommend that patients get the OCT test annually. Early detection will give you the most viable options to help you with this eye disease. Left untreated glaucoma could lead to vision loss and irreparable damage to optic nerves.

Identifying ocular swelling is essential to eye health. Swelling behind your eyes can arise due to diabetes, macular edema, or eye surgery complications. The OCT exam lets us see if you have any telltale damaged blood vessels that can seep into eye fluids. Without treatment for this condition, it can lead to progressive and even permanent loss of vision.

Looking for an Eye Care Professional Around El Segundo?

If you are looking for top-notch eye care around El Segundo, Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach, two Advanced Eyecare locations want to help you see clearly with professional vision exams and essential screenings like OCT. Our new machine is featured in our Manhattan Beach location, which can be reached by calling 310-321-6990. If you’re interested in a basic eye exam and vision services, contact Advance Eyecare Center Redondo Beach at 310-373-3191. We look forward to meeting with you!