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Anti-Glare Lens Coatings

When the sun's glare reflects off your glasses, it can temporarily blind you and become a falls hazard. Do not let glare from the sun impact your vision. Advanced Eyecare Center is happy to offer anti-glare coating for glasses that can keep you safe. Learn more about what anti-glare coating does and how it can help you. 

What is Anti-Glare Coating? 

Anti-glare coating is a special, invisible coating on the front and back of your glasses lenses. Not only can it help your glasses look more attractive, but it allows more light to pass through the lens to help you see that much better. You will also have healthier vision while working at a computer or driving at night, as a result of glare reduction. 

Anti-glare coating also removes the glare on the front of your eyeglasses that others see which can prove to be helpful if you are in a job that requires constant interaction with others all day long. The coating can either be applied during the manufacturing process or at our eye care office. 

Anti-Glare Coating Benefits 

woman outside grass sun eyes glasses antiglare lenses The sun's glare can impact your vision and make it uncomfortable for you to see. If you are driving, temporary loss of vision could cause you to have an accident. If you are walking or playing a sport, glare from the sun can distract you, cause you to trip or fall, or cause you to miss an opportunity to score. 

By blocking glare from the sun, glasses with anti-glare coating protect your vision by ensuring that it is clear all the time. You will be able to see all day long, in a full range of environments.

Additionally, UV rays can cause severe damage to your eyes. Repeated exposure to UV rays can damage your vision over the long and short term. You may even develop photokeratitis, or sunburn of the eye. This can feel extremely painful due to excessive tearing, and make your eyes very sensitive to light until they recover. 

Over time, UV rays can cause major long-term eye problems, including the development of cataracts or cause retina damage. Blue and violet rays in particular can cause irreversible retina damage. 

Advanced Eyecare Center Anti-Glare Coating Options

At Advanced Eyecare Center, we offer Crizal Avance UV and Crizal Prevencia, which feature the latest in anti-glare technology. Crizal Avance UV has improved scratch resistance, to keep your eyewear safe over the long run. The frames also repel dust and dirt and resist smudges, saving you the trouble of frequently cleaning your glasses. Crizal Prevencia includes a selective light filter that blocks blue and violet UV light, while supporting clear, comfortable vision. Prevencia is also scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant, and and dust and dirt repellent. 

We offer Crizal anti-glare eyeglasses in a full selection of frames, so you can determine which the right frame is for you and still stay safe. 

To learn more about how anti-glare lenses can protect your vision and preserve your safety, make an appointment with our optometrist in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. Contact our eyecare centers at 310-321-4932 to reach us at our Manhattan location or 310-373-3191 for our Redondo Beach office.