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Contact Lenses From Our Optometrist in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach

Contact lenses can be an extraordinarily convenient alternative or complement to eyeglasses for everyday vision correction, especially if your active or athletic lifestyle makes glasses hard to deal with. But getting the perfect pair of contacts for your particular needs isn't always a cut-and-dried proposition. Fortunately, Advanced Eyecare Center can help. Our optometrist in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, Dr. Hansen, can guide you toward the right type of lenses for your eyes and then provide accurate fittings until you're seeing great results.

woman putting contact lens in eye from redondo beach optometrist contact lenses in Manhattan Beach

Determining the Right Contact Lenses for Your Eye and Vision Challenges

The first step toward getting contact lenses (following the vision exam that revealed your corrective prescription) is a contact lens exam. This stage includes a critical set of measurements to ensure that your new contacts will match your pupil/iris size and corneal dimensions as precisely as possible, for the sake of your eye's health and comfort as well as for vision correction. This exam also allows us to discuss how you intend to wear your contacts -- every day, occasionally or for extended periods of time. Disposable contacts, for instance, might suit your lifestyle better than extended-wear contacts if you don't mind switching lenses regularly and don't have time to keep one pair of lenses clean.

Specialized Lenses for Hard to Fit Conditions

The contact lens exam also explores whether you have specific eye care or vision issues that require a certain type of lens. These hard to fit conditions might include severe or refractive errors (including astigmatism and presbyopia), a corneal deformation called keratoconus, dry eyes, or an inflammatory reaction to proteins that accumulate on contact lenses (giant papillary conjunctivitis). Once we thoroughly understand your eye care and vision needs, we can offer specialized contact lenses as needed, including:

  • Toric lenses - Toric lenses are designed to remain fixed in one position on the cornea to correct astigmatism more accurately.

  • Scleral lenses - Scleral lenses extend completely over the cornea, maintaining a constant ideal curvature to correct keratoconus while also helping keep dry eyes hydrated.

  • Rigid gas permeable lenses - RGP lenses do a better job of correcting more severe prescriptions than soft lenses; they're also less likely to accumulate proteins.

  • Hybrid lenses - If you want the comfort of soft contacts and vision correction of hard contacts, hybrid lenses provide both by combining a soft rim with a rigid center.

  • Multifocal/monofocal lenses - If you have presbyopia, multifocal lenses can provide the necessary vision correction for multiple distances. You may also choose monovision lenses that place a different distance correction in each eye.

Need Contact Lenses? Contact Us in Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach!

We love improving our patients' vision, eye health and overall quality of life through our wide range of contact lens options. If you want the best contact lenses for your needs, call 310-321-6990 to schedule a contact lens exam at Advanced Eyecare Center!