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Gucci Eyewear at Advanced Eyecare Center in El Segundo

Established in Florence, Italy nearly 100 years ago by Guccio Gucci, the brand Gucci continues to conjure images of beautifully realized, stylish and top-quality clothing, handbags, shoes and other accessories. Did you know Gucci now offers eyeglasses and sunglasses? Gucci frames are revered worldwide by people wanting the best in high-end frames meticulously crafted with a variety of superior materials. Your El Segundo eye doctor is proud to offer Gucci eyewear as part of a comprehensive selection of brand-name frames.

Gucci's Impact

Combining expert craftsmanship with insight into future eyewear trends, Gucci frames have a huge fan base, including celebrities, sports figures and famous personalities searching for the perfect mix of sophistication, quality and an eye for unique details. Gucci frames come in a rainbow of fabulous colors, dozens of different shapes to complement square, oval or round faces and plastic or metal frames to accommodate your aesthetic and lifestyle needs.

Offering Gucci Lenses

Gucci eyewear is now available from your El Segundo optometrist at Advanced Eyecare Center. Providing comprehensive vision and eye health services to all members of your family, our eye doctor is also an authorized dealer for Dior sunglasses and eyeglasses. Visit us in Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach to browse our great selection of Gucci eyewear.

After your exam, your eye doctor will discuss lens options for your prescription Gucci glasses or sunglasses. Lens types to correct vision errors include aspheric, bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses. You can also choose to enhance your lens with specialized coatings to reduce glare, protect your eyes from damaging UV rays and prevent scratches from appearing on your lenses.

The long-anticipated fall/winter Gucci Eyewear Campaign of 2017/2018 features sleek, flirty cat eye frames for women and bold, squarish, dark frames for men. Collection colors for Gucci frames include fall tones infused with various shades of browns, reds, blacks, and tortoiseshell. Clear Gucci frames are also popular and showcased in the campaign, along with experimental styles for people searching for something eclectic and unique in eyewear.

Check Out Our Eyewear Selection at Advanced Eyecare Center

Advanced Eyecare Center is your one-stop vision and eye health center utilizing the latest ophthalmological equipment to detect vision problems and eye diseases as soon as they emerge. Your El Segundo optometrist urges you and your family to get preventative eye exams every year to ensure your eyes remain as healthy as possible. 

Call today at 310-321-4932 to schedule an appointment at Advanced Eyecare Center. We will also be glad to assist you in choosing a pair of Gucci frames.