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Oakley Glasses, Trusted by Your Optometrist in Redondo Beach and El Segundo

Looking for the ideal glasses for outdoor sports, running or just living your life? Our optometrist carries a wide array of brands, including top-shelf options like Oakley. These glasses, not to mention our other offerings here at Advanced Eye Care, help ensure our optometrist can always get you the best when you need it.

Whether you’re looking for an excellent pair of sunglasses to block glare make your journeys in the outdoors that much better, or instead need vision correction for everyday life, we can help … and so can Oakley. Come see us at Advanced Eye Care to learn more about this epic industry-standard brand, as well as our exams and fittings, so you can get what you need sooner (and sharper).

Oakley: A Brief History of Excellence

Built on the belief that conventional lenses should be a thing of the past, Oakley works hard to cultivate excellence in every pair. Their high definition optics offer some of the sharpest lenses in the industry, with uncompromised standards to help athletes, weekend warriors, and everyday Joes get the vision clarity they need.

They also offer a range of other options to protect and enhance eyesight … as well as your investment. Their polarized lenses, for instance, reduce glare to enhance your eyesight on the snow, water, and sand, while their specially formulated materials significantly reduce the chances of breakage, scratching and other kinds of failure common in less exacting brands.

If you want the best in the industry, see us about getting fitted for a pair of Oakley glasses today. Ask us about their other options, including impact protection, lens tints, UV protection and more.

See an Eye Doctor for an Exam and Fitting

Before choosing the perfect pair, it’s important to see your eye doctor for a fitting. That way, we can determine if you have any additional conditions that might need to be taken into account before you get your glasses, and can ensure they prove to be a good investment.

Exams from our eye doctor are simple and painless. If we detect any irregularities in your vision, we may offer more tests. Once we determine your prescription and needs, we’ll help you select the product that works best for you. You will get to try them on before paying, and if you have any trouble with them, you can bring them back within our return window.

Make an Appointment with Advanced Eyecare Center 

If you’re ready to see us about a pair of Oakley glasses for yourself, please get in touch today. You can request an appointment on our website, or you can call us at 310-321-6990 for our El Segundo location and 310-373-3191 for our Redondo center. Your vision and comfort is the most important thing we can think of, so please feel free to get in touch and learn how we can help today.