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Prada Glasses from Your Redondo Beach Optometrist

The name Prada is synonymous with luxury and glam, but did you know it also signifies excellent eyewear and great vision as well? Although the Prada family began their rise to fame and fortune back in 1913 with handbags and steamer trunks, they are now almost as well known for the gorgeous eyeglasses and sunglasses frames they supply to stylish vision seekers just like you.

Prada glasses were an immediate hit when they launched their eyewear line back in 1999. After joining with De Rigo, a top-shelf eyewear maker, they released a line of prescription glasses frames and sunglasses to the world. Their goods were immediately snapped up by people who were tired of unfashionable frames and antiquated looks, and remain today some of the trendiest eyewear around.

Today, Prada eyeglasses continue to redefine the industry. As a fashion house, they certainly put a strong emphasis on design, ensuring that no matter what your style is, there’s a Prada pair out there for you. However, they make certain to uphold the latest technologies in each pair of glasses or shades, meaning you get the topnotch visual experience you deserve.

However, as with any fashion line, the chance of knockoffs does exist. While you can certainly just buy a pair of Prada sunglasses, it’s best to go to a reputable dealer to ensure you’re getting the right thing. As for prescription glasses, you’ll need an exam to get a pair, so head to your New York optometrist today.

Advanced Eyecare Center: Your Authorized Prada Eyewear Dealer

If you’re interested in authorized Prada eyewear, complete with an examination and the Prada seal of excellence, come see a New York eye doctor today. Your eye doctor will help you with an exam to determine what your prescription is. If they detect any additional issues, they will discuss possible treatments with you, or perform extra examinations as needed.

Most likely, though, your eye doctor will determine your prescription and order lenses to match your specific needs. This may include photochromic lenses (which darken to match ambient light), UV polarization and more.

You, meanwhile, can choose the frames that work for you by browsing our Prada collection – or any of the other high-end fashion lines we carry. Once you select the pair that works for you, we’ll pop your lenses in and you’ll be on your way!

Make an Appointment for Prada Eyewear at Advanced Eyecare Center

Ready to put the Prada name to work for you, visually and stylistically? We’d love to help with an examination and fitting, both of which will ensure you get the most out of every pair of designer glasses.

Call 310-321-4932 for our El Segundo location, or if you’re closer to Redondo, call 310-321-6990. If you prefer, you can always drop by one of our clinics or request an appointment online. No matter what, we’ll get you in as soon as possible so you can be on your way to better eye health today.