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Silhouette Eyewear with our Manhattan and Redondo Beach Optometrist

Looking for a new pair of glasses? First you need an eye exam, prescription and a tour of our optical products. Once you have gotten your prescription and chosen your frames, we’ll create custom lenses for your chosen glasses. While you have a huge range of choices for brands, we highly recommend you consider Silhouette.

Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you don’t care about your style. While the wrong pair of specs can be a strike against you, the right pair can be a perfect accent to your wardrobe and style. Men and women both benefit from luxury frames, and Silhouette Eyewear has some of the most beautiful on the market. Advanced Eyecare Center would love to help you make the most of this longstanding and high-end brand.

Designer Glasses from Luxury Maker Silhouette Eyewear

If you’re looking for a pair of luxury designer frames, you can’t do better than Silhouette Eyewear, which we proudly purvey here at Advanced Eyecare Center.

Silhouette has been making beautiful, designer glasses since 1964. In the last 50 years, they have developed a devoted following of eyeglass wearers who adore their unique style and industry-leading developments. Based in Austria, they still consider themselves a cottage industry, catering to the individual needs of their wide range of wearers.

This longstanding luxury eyewear brand has the distinction of making the world’s lightest eyeglasses, using the latest materials to increase the comfort of wearers worldwide. Their unusual lens shapes, streamlined frames and handcrafted workmanship help their brand maintain gold standard manufacturing processes and products alike.

Lenses for Your Luxury Frame Option

Once you’ve chosen your frame style, it’s time to complete the process by getting your lenses. Many things go into getting the right lenses, starting with an eye exam. During the exam, our eyecare providers will administer a number of tests to check for common and unusual eye issues. Based on this information, we will create your prescription, which will help us make the lenses to your customized needs. Choices include:

  • Lens material, such as glass or polycarbonate
  • Bifocal or trifocal options
  • Lens coatings
  • Thickness of the lens
  • Polarization or photochromic lenses, which change to dark tints in the sun

… and more. Your optometrist will explain all the options to you and help you choose the right styles for your life and vision needs.

Come to Advanced Eyecare Center for a Lens Fitting

Ready to choose those glasses and get a lens fitting so you can go about your life in style?  We would love to help you find the frame and lens style that works for you. Please request an appointment on our website, or give us a call at 310-321-6990 for our Manhattan location or 310-373-3191 in Redondo. We look forward to seeing you, and helping you see better, soon!