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Maui Jim Sunglasses

Our Premium Sunglasses

Our purpose is to make colors shine! With our patented features, PolarisedPlus2 lens technology is brilliant for color. Therefore, every feature is crisper and cleaner and devoid of harmful UV. Choosing color of sunglass lenses varies with people, region, weather patterns and outdoor activity or sports.

Polarized Sunglasses; are famous with boaters and fishermen, they trim down mirrored sun glare illuminating from the water adjacent to them. Besides them outdoor enthusiasts for skiing, skating, driving, biking, golfing and jogging, all take pleasure in a vivid sight along with elimination of glare with their polarized sunglasses as they take pleasure in life outdoors.

How Polarized Sunglasses Work

Our sunglasses cut glare and haze so your eyes are more comfortable and you get to see better and clearer. They reduce the sun’s glare and haze with an extraordinary filter that impedes the intense reflected light.

Our polarized lenses reduce a visibility of LEDs and LCDs found on dashboards of some vehicles or on the digital screens on automatic teller machines and self-service gas pumps.

We have customized polarized photochromic lenses that are ideal for a light-sensitive person who frequents in and out of the sun daily. They rapidly change from dim in the outside to radiance in the inside.

Diverse Lenses for Sports

There is an extensive variety of lenses. Our professionals give a guide on a selection of the most appropriate lenses to our customers. When selecting and deciding on sports sunglasses, it is of value to choose eyes protection rather than just designer shades. Of the assurance that your eyes are safe off ultra-violet rays of the sun is fundamental.

Gary Lenses are worldwide. They give absolute eyes protection off the ultra-violet rays. They are the darkest shades accessible, nevertheless, they still considerably regarded among the best when it comes to reducing water glare. They are also known to have an anti-fatigue quality as they induce energy to the users.

Gary lenses are ideal for water sports, baseball, tennis, football, and soccer.

Purple and Blue Tints; they are stylish and are favorable for complicated weather conditions like fog, snow, and mist. This is for the reason that they slab the glare from any white light that is observable.

Purple and Blue tints lenses are ideal for tennis professionals and linemen in the sport.

Yellow Tint; Yellow lenses filter out any blue radiance. They distort color and are best for daybreak and sunset sporting activities. They are excellent in visibility in sheltered murky surroundings. They preserve serration of the eye.

Yellow tint lenses are best for outdoor personalities like mountain bikers, target shooters, pilots of an aircraft and for tennis players.

Our clinic offers a professional guide of an optometrist in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach. An eye doctor in this place normally gives their best service to their customers. Come and get the best sunglasses for yourself today!